About Us

We want to share our thrill and pass on our experiences to the world creating satisfaction with every bottle.

Mission and Values

Valquejigoso - About Us - Mission and Values

The Valquejigoso project stems from a great enthusiasm, a lot of effort, an utmost attention to detail in oder to improve and progress vintage after vintage. In order to achieve that goal, we experiment and observe what happens in the vineyard, analyzing each plot separately. And we want you to be involved and accompany us in this quest.


We do the impossible to honor our promise.


We are never fully satisfied with what we do. We always want to go a step further.


Without a fanatic attention to detail, there is no self-improvement.


Transparency is a key rule for us.


We do listen to other's opinion and we show ourselves to others exactly the way we are.

The Colomo Family

The Team

The Identity

The Five Leaves Clover Symbol

We wanted to find a powerful and striking symbol. Clover is a common feature in Valquejigoso, that is why we have chosen it. Moreover, the five leaves clover has symbolic or magical meanings in different cultures. Among them, the most frequent ones are extreme luck, fertility or wealth.


Valquejigoso means the "Valley of the Quejigos". The Quejigo (gall-oak) is a tree of the quercus gender as the holm oak, the oak or the cork oak. As there is a huge concentration of those trees in this pasture area, the location has historically been given the name of "Dehesa de Valquejigoso".