The Estate

The meadow, with a total surface of 970 ha, is a undulating piece of land with gentle rolling hills and forests.


The Valquejigoso estate is located 45 km south of the capital of Spain (Madrid) and within the limits of the Madrid Communbity, in its southern most part, in the municipality of Villamanta. In its southern most part, it borders the Castilla La Mancha Community, in particular the Toldeo province and within it, the municipality of Méntrida.


The Valquejigoso Domaine was bought by the Colomo family in February 1986 to the Count of Caralt. From 1992 onwards, year during which the wine project is conceived, the domaine, usually a hunting cottage for the European arsitocracy, is trasformed into a winery in working order. First vines are planted in 1997, using the grafting method. Very well-known French nurseries participate in the project like Renoux - based in Bordeaux - as well as other French teams who came to share their experience in the "fork" vine planting method, an ancient method which requires a painful manual work.

Valquejigoso - The Estate - History

The Valquejigoso Domaine is part of Félix Colomo Díaz heritage, the great bullfighter from Madrid, born in 1913 in Navalcarnero (Madrid), founder of the famous Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas restaurant, in Madrid's old town.

Valquejigoso - The Estate - Félix Colomo Díaz

Félix Colomo Díaz

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