The Winery

As the rest of the elements of the project, the winery is integrated in the natural environment of Valquejigoso. In this case, the building has a unique character. Seen from outside, it does not look like a winery, since the latter is totally burried.

The Design

Valquejigoso - The Winery - The Design

The design of Valquejigoso's winery tries to be an example of how the container has to adjust to a specific function and fully fulfill the aim of its creation: produce with the utmost care and in the best possible conditions its most valuable product: wine.

Once this main mission fulfilled, the winery is built following unusual parameters. The facilities are equiped with state-of-the-art technology to cover the requirements of the varied processes or tasks needed until the end product leaves the facilities. The winery also locates itself in a priviledged environment and fulfills a last objective: it constantly winks at us and give us sensual messages in order for us to discover its most aesthetic or artistic part, which, although being a minor one, fulfills an important mission within the context of a wonderful and harmonious environment.


Valquejigoso - The Winery - Winemaking


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Discover the steps of the production of the wines at Valquejigoso