The Wines

Our wines are complex, with a real ageing potential. They are regularly tasted to make a follow up and know how they evolve and taste. However, they give pleasure even shortly after bottling.


Among the 69 different plots of red varieties found in the Valquejigoso vineyard, the best plots are selected each year for the final blend of the V2. Each vintage, the varieties and their proportion used in the final V2 blend vary depending on the weather of the vintage and how each grape variety reacts in the vineyard. Only those varieties reaching a perfect ripeniness are included in the final V2 blend, thus showing the utmost mineral expression of the soil and keeping the utmost expression of each specific plot where they come from. However, part of the blend, based on Bordeaux varieties, remains unchanged vintage after vintage.


Find a white black bird, like finding a clover of more than three leaves, is a sign of good omen. In Valquejigoso, the white grapes vineyard is located in the cooler part of the estate, near a small pond. It has deep sandy soils. White grape varieties combine themselves to create a full bodied wine, following the same concept as the rest of the wines in Valquejigoso: personality, ageing potential and exclusivity.